​​$110/per decoy

Or $1200 per dozen

"You can tell; they can tell."

That's the Frontier Stuffer motto, but it means more than just a catchy tagline.

You can tell: the difference between plastic and real feathers is unmistakable. You will appreciate hunting under the best presentation you can possibly offer. Smaller spreads, faster setups.

They can tell: Geese don't see colors the way we do. They see reds, greens, yellows, and blues more vibrantly--thanks to their retinas--plus an extra set of cones allows them to see ultraviolet radiation. This gives them exceptional light sensitivity; as a result, shine and glare from plastic decoys are a hunter's worst own enemy.Geese are adept at spotting unnatural reflection.


Why spend the money?

Because you're already spending the money: on field leases, trailers, gasoline, and shotguns. Not to mention if you're training dogs. To spend all this time and money, for a few hours a weekend, and compromise on the quality of your decoy spread --Bring your A-game!

How many decoys do you need for an effective spread?

Stuffers work because they're real geese. Flying geese don't need huge numbers to be convinced that the decoys are real, if they decoys ARE real.

A smaller spread, say one or two-dozen is plenty.

How durable do the stuffers last?

They last years, just be sure to secure them during transportation. You can't toss them in a pile like 'whatevers'.

Can I buy and sell them, as I would with plastic decoys?

No, there's some strict federal laws regulating waterfowl transfer/ownership: Basically you can't sell or possess another's migratory bird carcass.  A Stuffer is considered a 'taxidermy'd bird', and cannot transfer ownership.

Can I buy ready-made Stuffers from you directly?

No, only birds you shoot can be made into Stuffers. We operate a licensed taxidermy studio. And follow the rules to the letter.

Smaller spreads. Set as real geese really work.

​​Stuffers don't shine. Plastic, however flocked, or airbrushed, or textured will forever shine. Plastic throws off a different Ultra-violet appearance than feathered stuffers. They can tell!

Denver Colorado's Exclusive Bowfishing Charter

Built like tanks, if tanks were built of feathers. Our Stuffers are built tough, with heavy steel bases, and some rather clever proprietary tricks of the trade. Durable, and customizable to set to varied poses and 'attitudes'. 


Frontier Stuffers

Our licensed taxidermy studio produces stuffer' goose decoys.

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