We've secured Colorado Special-Use Permits for access to the best carp waters in the Denver area.

When: Mornings and Evenings

We run two shifts a day, 5 hours a shift. Every day of the summer!

Morning Shoot, (Morning to Noon-or-so)

Night Shoots (Sunset to Last Call.)

Mid-day shoots can work, if that's best for the clients' schedule; but the weather is less predicable.

If the fish are churning a froth and there's just no stop in the action, the guides can run longer beyond the 5-hour shift. Just ask, and kindly remember them dockside at load out.


1 to 5 shooters: $450 total (not per shooter)

Our boats can safely handle up to 5 shooters

Boats are reserved exclusively for your crew.

Prices do not include guide's gratuity.

Frontier Bowfishing is an entity of

Appleseed Outfitters, LLC

Corporate Bundles?

Sure. We offer gift vouchers

Every now and then a last-minute cancellation occurs and we're down a shooter.
So we're starting our "Minute-man" call out to offer last-minute bookings, at a heck of a discount, to those who can jump on a boat within only a day or so's notice.
Use the text sign-up code pictured, and you'll be automatically added to the roster of the "Minute-man Carp Militia" (yeah, still working on a better name).

Text: 81010 to: @bowfishing


Cash, Check, or PayPal

You can pay the deposit of $225 online. We accept credit cards for dockside payment. 72-hour cancellation notice required for deposit rescheduling.​ Deposits are non-refundable.

General Season Booking
We are on the fish May through August. On any given day during these months, you'll shoot carp.


Call Mike




Denver Colorado's Exclusive Bowfishing Charter

Whether the Weather Holds

With heavy winds you can't see fish through choppy waves. If the trip is a bust the client will receive a full refund. We would hope you prefer to reschedule; but we won't hold your payment hostage.

Bachelor Party?

Good idea!

Bachelorette Party?

Great idea!

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