Biggest carp I've seen in Colorado, no joke!

Private Lease

The owner of this lake is fed-up with the carp-jams (like log jams, get it); the carp are over-populated and out of managed control.

This lake has been unfished for years. Without any fishing pressure, these carp have taken over, and now fully control this lake. They own the banks {pun}, the freight office, the mercantile, the saloons, and the brothel. It's time we clean it up, it's time to adjudicate. 

Although we can't tell you on the website where it's located, rest assured it's worth the secret.

Very Easy Drive. Private Parking.

Denver Colorado's Exclusive Bowfishing Charter


Best Times

We have access to this lake for morning and night shoots. 

The night shoots are going to provide absolute fish-town, hammer-down, shooting!