Hey, we have fun. But when the fish are working, we are locked down. And safety is key.

(This is our round-about way to mention that our insurance carrier prohibits alcoholic beverages on the boats.)

Denver Colorado's Exclusive Bowfishing Charter

Snacks and ice water provided.

Come Prepared

--Valid Colorado Fishing License Required --

Daylight trips

    • Polarized sunglasses (we can provide sunglasses)
    • Hat with visor
    • Sunscreen and sun clothes, a few layers to shed
    • Water shoes or old tennis shoes

    Night (LED-light) Trips

    • Jacket and such for cool weather & old shoes
    • Headlamp if you have one, but not necessary.

    (Cigars Encouraged)

    General Season Booking
    We are on the fish late April through early September. On any given day during these months, you'll shoot carp.

    We provide all the equipment.

    Top quality AMS Bowfishing rigs

    • Bows set for every strength group. 10lb to 55lb pull
    • Top-of-the-line reels & arrows

    You can bring your own setup if you like

    Don't worry if you're new to all this.

    Bowfishing has a learning curve of about eight minutes:

    1. Draw the bow.
    2. Aim below the fish
    3. "Choot-em" --Troy Landry

    The elevated platforms give the shooters an advantageous shooting angle.

    Before we launch, we'll practice dockside on Farney -the foam carp.