I thought the 'red' meat ruins the flavor?

Yes, it sure can. But after three hours in the smoker, those fish oils drain from the red meat.

Hey, I see a Bass down there, can I shoot it?

Hold your fire, that's illegal. We only guide for carp, shad, and Northern Pike. All other fish off limits.

I'm hooked on this bowfishing, where can I buy my own bow?

I can send you over to several local archery shops. Our bow kits are the more expensive rigs on the market. I suggest you use our gear, or "buy once, cry once" and go with an AMS Bowfishing setup.

Aren't carp protected?

I'd like to find the guy who spread this rumor. They aren't. The Common Carp is an invasive species: responsible for more habitat destruction than any other fish. The phosphates they stir out of a settled lake-bed offset the water's pH balance, plummeting the O2 levels. If you've ever seen that iridescent blue-green slime before, thank a carp (well, marginally).

Here's a good article on the issue.

Raise em' up, fishing.

Why choose a licensed guide?

Colorado DORA is very strict with for-hire outfitters. The state's vetting procedure ensures your guide is insured & bonded, first-aid certified, and permitted for access on state waters. (It's an expensive process, but worth it!)

Well, Chicken Feed!

Several urban chicken farmers in Denver appreciate the Omega-3 benefits our donated fish provide. Join our Free Fish Facebook Group.


What do you do with the fish?

As clients, you'll have first take on ALL OF THE FISH.  

But if you don't want the fish, no worries, they won't go to waste.

After each trip, we send an email to over 100 individuals offering them free fish.  Many of these families, from Eastern European and South African countries consider the carp a delicacy. They've offered us samples of their cultural cuisine; and I agree it's delicious. We smoke a few dozen carp each season on the wood smoker.

Russian Carp Cutlets

Smoked Carp(This guy has it down)

Plenty of good recipes

How many carp can you shoot in a day?

All of them.  Out at the lakes, you'll see CPW biologists electro-shocking and netting carp; trying as best they can to reduce the over-population. To look over and see our trailers backing down the boat launch, we are a welcome sight.

I want to take my child, how old do they have to be?

When I was eight-years-old my grandpa posted me on the roof of the chicken shed with a .410 shotgun, conscripted for garden/rabbit duty. I say if your kid is old enough to chuck a rock they're old enough to bowfish. We have AMS youth bows set for 10-20lb draw. And if that's too much to pull --they can throw a harpoon. Yes, we have harpoons.

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