For nine months of the year I teach high school. It's a great career which allows me throughout the summer to focus on guiding bowfishing trips. I started bowfishing as a kid, with an old Grumman aluminum boat and half-sheet of plywood for a deck. The sport has come a long way since then.

I provide our clients with the trifecta of success: active shooting opportunities, local convenience, and affordability. I know the carp waters we fish like the back of my hand. There'll be no wandering about for fish. I prep, you shoot!

Reece Crabb  -Guide

Denver Colorado's Exclusive Bowfishing Charter


Reece is one of my former students, who has taken to bowfishing like a duck takes to his 'feed call'. He owns his own boat, set with a shooting deck, LED lights, and room to hold three shooters. Reece can spot a fish long before I can. He has a kind way of helping our new clients learn the sport. If you are new to bowfishing than Reece is the guide to show you the ropes.  With our two boats working the same water, Reece and I will run 'spot and blocks' with 2-way radios, coaxing the fish back and forth between shooting crews.

Raub Gliatta -Guide

Mike Boeke -Owner/Guide

Raub is our 'Can-do guide'. As this represents his willingness to take the time and effort in scouting for actively-feeding carp, maintaining boats, repairing equipment, and having the stamina to run two bookings a day during the spawn. He leads our licensed waterfowl outfit (proudly the smallest of Colorado outfitters).  Raub is patient. His 'stalk-and-stand' tactics have his clients shooting more 'doubles' (two fish/one arrow) than other crews experience.